• Power Sections

    Power Sections are available for a wide range of drilling applications. Rotational power is provided by a rotor and stator designed using the Moineau progressing cavity principle. Power Sections are available in high, medium and low speed configurations from 1.11/16” to 11.1/4” outside diameters.

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    To support the industry's diverse technical needs, NOV has developed a portfolio of elastomers that fall into four primary classifications:

    • Standard NBR (RR and UF100D) 
    • Standard HNBR (UF180) 
    • Performance (PRR and UF114) 
    • Premium (POB and 280XT)  

    The reliability and durability of a power section are determined by:

    • stress applied to the elastomer during operation (interference fit, flow rate, differential pressure) 
    • rate at which the stress is applied (torque loading generated by the bit) 
    • strength of the stator's elastomer which is affected by fluid and temperature effects 

    To assist with product performance, NOV provides support for a variety of drilling challenges specific to your application including:

    • torque optimization  
    • operational interference fit determination and recommendations  
    • fluid compatibility 
    • design of proprietary configurations 

    The highest torque potential for your application is provided by NOV’s ERT power sections, which have contoured steel profiles that have demonstrated 50% ROP improvements for applications that require additional torque potential with no reduction in reliability.


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