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    We offer our fleet of configurable land rigs and capital equipment to help you overcome today’s drilling challenges.

    Our complete land solution reduces operational costs, increases safety, streamlines drilling operations and effectively communicates across the entire spectrum of drilling experts to optimize performance.

    NOV Land Rig Systems is the leader of innovative solutions that magnify and enhance your drilling power by combining the latest in land rig technology through rig and equipment designs responsive to application needs, full system integration, equipment performance and optimization, integrated and drilling organization services and the most comprehensive aftermarket support network in the oil and gas industry.

    We surround your rig with support and an army of expertise before you start drilling, during your drilling operations and as your rig moves to the next site.

    Aftermarket Services
    Uptime and reliability of equipment is the key to our customer’s success. With equipment on thousands of rigs around the world, NOV, the Original Equipment Manufacturer, provides comprehensive aftermarket products and services solutions to support the lifecycle of your equipment.

    Aftermarket Resources

    Build Your Own Land Rig
    Need a 375-ton rig? We have you covered. A telescopic or cantilever mast? No problem. 700 or 3,000 horsepower, or any range in between, we can build those too.


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