• Ameron Protective Linings

    In 1947 we introduced T-Lock, a T-ribbed polyvinyl chloride sheet lining material designed specifically to protect new concrete trunk sewers and interceptors, structures and monolithic tunnels against the ravages of hydrogen sulfide gas attack and other forms of corrosion. Now more than six decades later with millions of square feet of the material in service, we are proud to report that T-Lock has never failed because of corrosion.


    T-Lock is manufactured from high molecular weight vinyl chloride resins extruded under high temperature and pressure, providing a dense impervious, continuous plastic lining to protect concrete substrates against hydrogen sulfide and other sewer gases, acids, alkalis, and salts. T-Lock’s unique projected and molded T-rib design allows concrete to flow around it during casting, permanently locking the liner into place as an integral part of the substrate.

    In 1996 we introduced the Arrow-Lock sheet lining system as a long-term, cost-effective rehabilitation for concrete manholes, lift stations, digesters, primary effluent channels, wet wells, primary sedimentation tanks, and headworks. In the 21st century we are leading the industry for concrete corrosion protection by specialty in-place casting of T-Lock for large-diameter sewer tunnels.